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We’ve helped Virgin Trains, Boots, Nationwide, the NHS, the National Trust, Superdry and many more develop their leaders through our award-winning development programmes.

And now, we’ve taken the same successful approach and created a range of easily accessible development opportunities that fit in with your busy life.

We’ve created 12 one-day facilitated workshops covering essentials that will significantly improve your leadership, team performance, coaching, resilience, change management and engagement.

Find out more from Anne, one of our directors and an expert facilitator, coach and trainer below.

Each workshop is expertly designed and facilitated to give you the skills and confidence to succeed, whatever your role.

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For anyone involved with implementing change in your organisation; where you need others to come with you and play their part to make it a success, including suppliers or even customers!
We look at how our heads and hearts respond to imposed workplace change (of whatever nature), how to raise and maintain productive energy during your change, and be sure your well-intentioned actions and reactions as leader help and not hinder!

Outcomes include; essential tools to diagnose where people ‘are at’, confidence in what’s needed from you as manager and how to build ownership for the ‘post-change’ world.


Women’s Leadership

For women leaders wanting a boost to their leadership that’s tailored to suit you in your working life.
We explore and reframe constraints women tell us are still all too familiar in their everyday lives, including unrealistic expectations of themselves, managing presence and reputation and ‘Tiara Syndrome, i.e. avoiding self-promotion unlike many of their male counterparts!’

Outcomes include; greater alignment of values and role, improved self-confidence, bespoke strategies to engage others and building key relationships to help you achieve the results you really care about.


Leadership Essentials: Personal Leadership

For anyone who is interested in being a better leader.
We apply our award-winning approach to leadership, and look at how to be clear about where you want to be, what really matters to you, how to be at your best more of the time. We discover a Playing to Win mind-set and how to manage the impact your shadow casts on others around you.

Outcomes include; significantly improved leadership capability, being able to be at your best more of the time, strategies for tackling the negative ‘self talk’ that gets in the way and a map of the future you want for yourself.


Coaching for Performance

For anyone who wants to learn how to coach to improve the performance of others. Perfect for team leaders and managers!
As Daniel Goleman puts it “the effective leaders will be those who can adapt to several different leadership styles.” We look at how the coaching style is essential in creating a sense of ownership for the present and for developing people for the future. We’ll also work on questioning and listening skills as the foundation of great coaching and give opportunities to practice the skill on real business topics, with detailed feedback.

Outcomes include; understanding the benefits of coaching, knowing when to coach and when to tell, developing your individual coaching skills that will improve performance.


Holding People to Account (conversations that tackle under-performance)

For all leaders who want to be better at having conversations around non-delivery, poor performance and driving accountability in teams.
We look at why managers sometimes find these conversations difficult and therefore avoid them, how to overcome this fear and view them differently, and the skills of having great conversations that hold people to account.

Outcomes include; confidence to have the difficult conversations, understanding the implications of delaying these conversations, clarity on how to best prepare the skills to create the impact you need without reticence or apology, getting performance back on track.


Improving Performance through Effective Communication and Engagement

For all managers and leaders who want to be better at communicating and engaging with work colleagues.
We will look at the difference between communication and engagement, the different stages of the communication cycle and how to deliver messages confidently, assertively and make the right impact.

Outcomes include greater confidence when communicating, ability to choose the right communication medium to achieve the desired result and how to use social media to help get the right messages across.


Advanced Coaching Skills

For anyone who has been on a coaching programme and is already good at listening, asking questions and helping others to focus, but would like to take their skills to the next level.
We look at and practise how to build workplace relationships that create energy, insight, and ownership for problem solving and most importantly ownership for action.

Outcomes include; a personal development profile based on live feedback, toolkit for powerful conversations back at work and genuine help with your live issues.


Planning & Prioritising for Maximum Effectiveness

For all managers and leaders who want to get a better grip on their crazy schedules in this VUCA world – and improve planning and prioritising their workload.
We will look at what gets in the way of good planning, tips and techniques for working differently including how to use technology to help not hinder, how to successfully prioritise workload when there is too much to do and how to say ‘no’ to tasks without damaging the relationship.

Outcomes include; a personal action plan to improve your planning, audit of current workload with assessment of  ‘do, supervise and delegate’ and increased confidence and motivation to do the right things, not just do things right.


Leadership Essentials: Team Leadership

For any leaders who manage people who want to explore ways of motivating and engaging them, to enhance their performance.
We will look at how to focus the team on the future you want to create, how to measure engagement and create an environment for empowerment, and how to stay focussed in purposeful leadership rather than being a busy manager! Again, based on the same award-winning approach used by Virgin Trains, Superdry and more!

Outcomes include; a better leader, being more purposeful, able to engage not just communicate and tools to create focus and engagement in teams.


Creating Ownership

For all levels of management who want to help their teams take more ownership and responsibility.
We look at what stops this happening and how sometimes our leadership style can effect this. We’ll look at various tips and techniques to help you coach your team to use their own initiative and problem solving skills instead of just doing it for them.

Outcomes include; having a clear understanding of the importance of creating ownership and essential tools to help you achieve it.


Leadership Essentials: Developing Others

For experienced leaders who want to move their leadership onto the next level.
Using our award-winning approach, we look at how to build big enough relationships to lead without authority, how to make big requests of people to help you to achieve the future you want to create, and how to develop your people – whilst doing this to be the best leaders they can be. An amazing opportunity to supercharge your leadership!

Outcomes include; a personal audit of your relationships with clear actions, the skills of making big requests linked to your vision and strategy for the future, how to think differently about developing your team, creating a learning culture around you.


Change Resilience

For anyone leading change in an organisation – essential learning!
We share our insight about what it takes to build change resilience in your organisation, including how a change of viewpoint releases you to work constructively, channelling trapped energy to become a productive engine for your change.

Outcomes include; essential tools for planning and diagnosing change responses, how to anticipate and mitigate resistance, a live plan to create and sustain engagement for your change, how to build resilience for the next change.

Here’s some quotes from real workshop participants;

‘Their approach is, in my view, simple (yet subtle), practical and very powerful.’

‘I thought it was a really great leadership programme and very worthwhile.’

‘I found the leadership development course really useful and thought provoking. It is the first time that I have been able to get some clarity around what Leadership skills really look like in reality and where I need to focus efforts.’

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