Join us at our Workshops and Events

Keeping up to date with the latest thinking in your job is important, whether that be leadership development, talent management, coaching practice, change management, internal communications or employee engagement.

We run a series of workshops throughout the year for existing clients and new friends to give them insight and valuable networking opportunities. Best of all, lots of them are free!

Below are the workshops we currently have planned for this year. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

Join us on our Open Leadership Development Workshop and experience ‘Future-Engage-Deliver’, our powerful and behaviour-changing approach to growing leaders.

Our innovative, yet compellingly simple approach helps you explore your leadership, your challenges and your aspirations. Active and practical, we talk about ‘leadership in the real world’, connecting you to what you really care about to be the leader you want to be.

We’ve added an extra follow-up day of 30 April 2019 to allow time for ‘conscious practice’ and to cement your learning.

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  •  Peak Performance Workshop – 5 March 2019

Watch this space for our exciting announcement. More information to follow.


Thought Leadership & Webinars

How would you like to join like-minded people at the andpartnership Thought Leadership Group webinars? We cover all things in the L&D, HR and OD world. Share your experiences, good and not so good, in confidence. Discuss topics you’re currently wrestling with and learn about the latest best practices. And who doesn’t need a bit of support occasionally.

Call 01623 883910 for more details.

NB: Dates subject to change. Subscribe for regular updates on events and workshops.

*Discounts available for two or more places.