As important as individual leadership is, having a powerful and effective leadership team is critical to successfully addressing the big issues to achieve success.

How do you know if your leadership team is high performing? Typical characteristics include:

  • Solidarity – Behaving as a mutually supportive team
  • Alignment – Demonstrating clear agreement on direction
  • Focus – Sharing a clear and unambiguous set of joint priorities
  • Action – Owning & driving plans and actions to deliver the priorities
  • Communicate – Consistently & constantly reinforcing the key messages
  • Leading by example – Role modeling the espoused values and behaviours of the organisation

These outcomes require the team to excel both in ‘hard’ areas and also on the ‘soft’ issues.


Our High Performance Leadership Team process will accelerate your development whilst addressing the key issues facing the organisation.

Because every team is different we will work with you to develop a programme that matches your needs. Developing a High Performance Leadership Team is a journey which requires learning and reinforcement.


Understanding the perspective and priorities of each of the team members

  • Creating engagement and buy in from each person
  • Using our diagnostic tools to compare the team with best practice
  • Agree the programme and initial agenda
  • Developing a shared understanding of the similarities and differences in perspectives
  • Considering the diagnostics and comparisons with best practice
  • Developing self and mutual awareness
  • Agree priorities and actions
  • Reviewing actions and monitoring outcomes
  • Hone and re–communicate priorities
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Making mutual commitments