A unique process to accelerate your team to full performance after change – faster!

All too often individuals and teams are left reeling after change. While many “bounce back”, many teams take time to get back to full productivity—resulting in reduced service levels and performance. Our unique development process accelerates your teams back into action, rebuilding relationships, setting clear mutual expectations and accountabilities, agreeing ways of working, and integrating improvement processes to ensure sustained delivery.

The development process is flexible and can be run as a series of modules or compressed into a single day, depending on the issues facing the team. Talk to one of our experienced team coaches to find the right way forward for you.


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  • Create or rebuild relationships within the team. Understand the team’s key work relationships with others – clients, customers, suppliers, stakeholders etc.
  • Gain clarity on what is expected individually and collectively, and how accountabilities will be agreed. Understand what givens or constraints operate.
  • Agree how the team will operate, its processes and other ways of working e.g. communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, meeting protocols.
  • Establish how the team will share feedback, learn and continue to improve. Establish performance management practices.