Getting large teams or whole organisations engaged in change

In organisations there is often a difference in how quickly and effectively different groups of people engage behind a new initiative or structure. This can be due to leadership capability, variable communication or simply geography but the result is that some teams are pushing ahead and others are holding back, resisting and slowing things down.

Using our highly successful techniques for Large Group Interventions, we help you to plan how you can get the ‘whole system’ in the room, to explore, challenge and finally fully engage with the initiative. This can be done in groups of 50-2000. By using internal facilitators we ensure it is kept grounded in reality and build the group skills of relevant/ interested leaders. We turn what many leaders view as a costly, high risk exercise into a cost effective ‘dead cert’ way of making change happen.


  • Give everyone a shared experience which increases engagement
  • Everyone hears the same message at the same time and has time to discuss it, thereby reducing misunderstandings, miscommunication and wrong assumptions
  • The business gets immediate feedback on what it is proposing, allowing it to make swift changes where necessary, to ensure successful implementation
  • Energising the whole group/ organisation results in more people taking responsibility for making it work
  • Making it safe to give feedback encourages this to continue after the event
  • Reduces the time it takes to engage smaller groups or individuals, enabling benefits case for the change to be realised sooner


We work with senior a leader and a cross functional design team to ensure each event is pitched correctly. This can include:

Confirming the ‘what’ and ‘why’ giving senior leaders opportunity to set the future and present the case for change

Seeking feedback – cross functional groups on cafe/banquet style tables with an internal facilitator, are able to give feedback to senior leaders on their likes and concerns

Environmental scan – putting the plans into context of the wider world, ensuring nothing has been missed

Adapting the plans – senior leaders can demonstrate they are listening by responding to the feedback at the event and where applicable agreeing to make necessary changes

Co–creating the ‘how’ – using the people in the room to create how to implement it

Big requests – enabling departments to ask other departments for help to implement their part of the plan

Building collective energy – mobilising everyone with a stake in the initiative to make it work