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By Neal Hooper

Re-engaging after change

I recently had a meeting with Peter, a Senior Director whose company employed several thousand people. Unfortunately, owing to the recession, they had to make almost half of their employees redundant, including shutting down their most unprofitable divisions. This has been a difficult and sometimes traumatic period of change for them but at least the worst was apparently over.

However a new challenge now faced Peter – how to re-engage the workforce in this post-change situation. Despite assurances to the contrary employees were feeling bruised and battered, and trust in the senior leadership team had been severely dented. People had seen their best friends leave, and their new roles were more stretched than ever. They weren’t even sure the cuts were over, and the most talented and mobile were already looking for jobs elsewhere. Evidence of a burgeoning order book and return to profitability did little to calm fears.

Peter had fallen foul of a classic trap in change – paying attention to the leavers but not to the stayers. He thought the job of change was over when the last person left, not realising that the job of re-engaging the workforce would be every bit as challenging as making the cuts. It was a major revelation to him that he now had to lead the ‘recovery from change’ and his job as a leader was now to focus on re-engaging individuals and teams, helping them to recreate the emotional, social and practical ties that actually make an organisation tick.

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