Leadership Development

Nature of business

Provision of Warehousing & Distribution to recently merged store portfolio

Number of sites/employees

New site, drawing on three legacy sites. New leadership team of c70

Nature of the issue/required outcomes from work

As part of a continuing focus on efficiency of Service Centre Operations, a key element was the transfer of operations & personnel from 3 existing warehouses, working at that time for a 3rd party with a range of cultures & work practises, to a single large new warehouse fitted out with WITRON state of the art system. This move included significant changes in hours, shift patterns, ways of working and a desired shift in culture to increase focus on ‘serving stores’.
The andpartnership were selected to design & deliver a Leadership Development Programme to simultaneously achieve skill development and this significant culture shift.

What was done

After consultation with all levels & aspects of the involved population, the programme included:

  • Face to face, briefing with Q&A with Director as first element
  • Senior Managers as Mentors – attached to each of 7 Cohorts
  • Personality Profile (MBTI) – affirming pre-programme input for all participants
  • 6 skills workshops spread over 9 months, supported with activity & feedback
  • Transfer of skills for in-house delivery
  • Robust feedback/evaluation throughout
  • 360 degree feedback and ongoing coaching post programme to embed different behaviours

Results/benefits achieved (hard and soft):

Over the 9 month implementation period, positive scores in the Great Place To Work Staff Survey for the “Performing & Developing” section increased from 45% to 53%, ‘a statistically significant improvement reflecting increased engagement of the leadership team’.

‘Staff are now volunteering for various jobs, which was not the case previously’

‘Through use of the tools learned on the programme, my previously disengaged team member is now hitting targets and coaching others’

“I would rate LDP better than any other management course I have been on – I look forward to LDP2!’’