Senior Team Development

Nature of business

Multi site bakery retailer/manufacturer

Number of stores/employees

3200 employees

Our involvement

Objective of piece of work – To reduce management turnover and dissatisfaction, following the merger of two divisions.

Phase 1 – Diagnosis

  • 6 x Focus groups, involving all 98 graded managers
  • 1:1 meetings with senior team
  • Phone interview with sample of leavers
  • Validate findings against staff satisfaction report
  • Senior team day, to present report and recommendations

Phase 2 – Mobilising

  • Large Group Event for all 98 graded managers
  • Run by senior team, presented back summary of feedback
  • Co-created what needs to happen to change
  • Created action teams to drive next steps

Phase 3 – Development

  • Senior Team Development
  • Worked on coaching and feedback skills
  • Senior Team development including giving each other feedback
  • HR team development


  • Management turnover reduced by 60%
  • ‘Intention to stay more than 12 months’ in staff survey increased by 55%
  • Senior team working more effectively together

Company spokesperson

Andrew Savage, Managing Director and Quentin Lillis, HR Director

Company quote

“The andpartnership helped us to find the reasons for high management turnover and used innovative methods to turn it around. The results we have achieved so far have been remarkable and have exceeded my expectations”

“They were very good at helping us to do it for ourselves – they enabled us to create an energy for change which is still there to this day”

“As a result of this intervention, we have prevented some of our best people from leaving – I consider it to be money well spent”