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East Midlands Leadership Academy (“EMLA”) selected andpartnership to design and deliver a management development workshop offered to a broad range of leaders, required to work across boundaries in a constantly changing landscape. The brief was to build skills and accelerate confidence and competence to build relationships and increase connectivity throughout the region.

Participants were Health Professional managers with a wide range of levels and remits from across the East Midlands.


  • Understand communication style preferences – explore increasing range and flexibility.
  • Create a dynamic map of key relationships and connections, beyond formal reporting lines.
  • Diagnose what trust takes using tools to create/rebuild.
  • Reframe how we see conflict – harness the opportunity for innovative results.
  • Acquire tools and insight to build engagement and reduce resistance.
  • Apply insights, tools and techniques to improve live relationships.

Out Approach

We drew on our expertise in what makes behavioural change happen and become self-sustaining. We took the EMLA requirements, added in our own experience of working with private sector and health sector managers and leaders over the last 10 years (including work at other NHS institutes) to design an innovative workshop that would:

  • Stimulate curiosity and the will to make change.
  • Enable all attending to relax and focus on the common issues they bring and that they are not the only one struggling with the scale and challenge of 21st Century health provision.
  • This check-in created focus, common ground and enabled all levels (seniority, experience, capability) to be validated, enabling everyone to move forwards during the day.
  • The collated challenges are captured on a display flip, keeping the whole day rooted in reality, with no theorising for its own sake.
  • Use well-known and fresh models, selected for their suitability, ease of digestion & memorability for immediate and sustained application.


“Unlike many courses, the style and small conversations on the day really built my confidence to try something different. I guess I could have read the theory, but I just don’t think that alone would have been enough to actually try a different approach.”

“The outcome of this was a smoother service for our patients, less stress for everyone on that shift and greater development of skill and confidence of all involved. AND ownership remained where it had been delegated. I didn’t take it back myself! Our resources: time, mental effort and ward deployment, both mine and others are being utilised much more efficiently and effectively. Thank you.”

Ward Manager, Leicestershire

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