Change Education

A Menu of Workshops to help your People understand and deal with Organisational Change more effectively

We know that change is stressful, however a better understanding of the human dimensions of change can help your people take change in their stride and build change resilience.

We specialise in working with individuals, teams and organisations going through change. We offer a comprehensive menu of workshops for staff and management audiences. Workshops vary from 2 hour ‘taster’ sessions to more in-depth 1 to 3 day events and can be tailored to your organisation’s exact needs.

Whether contemplating a change or recovering from one, our workshops can provide vital support and development where it is most needed.


Workshops for Individuals

  • Understanding change – helping people to understand and normalise the emotional responses to change situations.
  • Managing stress and uncertainty – helping people to understand and cope with change anxiety.
  • Keeping choice in change – helping people to regain a sense of control in turbulent times.

Workshops for Leaders

  • Leading others through change – the role of the leader in helping people through change quickly and effectively.
  • Managing and implementing change – understanding the hard and soft side of change management.
  • Supporting others after change – the vital leadership role in helping people back to full productivity and performance.