Communication – The Essential Change Tool

Effective communication across organisation, promotes a healthier culture and produces better business results. When people face the added pressure of change, good communication at all levels in an organisation becomes essential.

Our communication toolkit will prepare leaders to support their team through change. It will help them to develop and deliver a plan tailored to their organisation and their change programme. And, by effective communication of the why and how of change, it will encourage their people to accept it and move on positively.


  • Significantly enhances both the quality and quantity of communications.
  • Delivers more sustainable change by engaging people in change.
  • Grows leaders to be more effective communicators.

Toolkits includes

  • A communication audit – understanding what communication works for your people, where the gaps are and what you should consider when delivering your change programme.
  • Project planning – creating a plan using all the relevant face to face, written and electronic media to deliver the message and change outcome required.
  • Making it happen – either supporting your team to deliver the communication plan or delivering it for you.
  • Communication legacy – creating an enduring infrastructure and understanding of communication within your organisation to help with future challenges.