Organisations often put a lot of resources behind those leaving during change and forget those staying behind.

There is a need to pay equal attention to those who are staying in the business and may have additional duties or workload at the same time as processing reactions about their colleagues who are leaving.

Organisations often go into paralysis just at the time when they need to get the new structure, merged organisation or team to be excited about the future and return to productivity quickly.


  • Understanding Change – helping individuals understand the normal human process of change and identifying what helps and how to get support
  • Keeping Choice in Change – a simple but powerful process to help individuals to shift from victim mode to identifying and acting on those things within their control.
  • Managing Stress in Change – understand more about the causes of stress and some simple techniques to increase resilience to change.
  • Recovery from Change – helping individuals and teams to process feelings of survivor syndrome and identify short term actions to re-engage with the new world.
  • Rebuilding Teams after Change – helping teams to process the changes in personnel, get clarity on desired future and agree how to work together going forward.
  • Reconnecting Organisations – large group events to ensure whole organisations get reconnected after change, including awareness of new responsibilities, identifying any final gaps or overlaps from the organisational redesign and re-engaging the whole organisation towards the new desired future.