How will you take the initiative?

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New Year – New Thinking

It’s that time of year when many of us set ourselves self-improvement challenges. Perhaps it’s a January detox or you’re doing Dry January? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting more exercise or making more of an effort to be a better role model at work. Perhaps it’s even getting out of your comfort zone and writing a short blog! 

What gets in the way?

I’m very fortunate that my role allows me to meet people from many industries who are all at different career and life stages. What I find is that it’s clear that most of us strive to be the best we can be, both personally and professionally, but sometimes things don’t always work out as planned.

It’s so important both to feel motivated and challenged by working towards and achieving goals that allow us to feel at our best more of the time.

Sometimes we might tell ourselves that the thing that stops us from stretching and pressing ahead with our goals is the perceived lack of opportunity for ignition.  This could be pressure at work, being too busy or simply real-life getting in the way and slowing us down.

If you feel you are simply treading water, stuck in a rut or (conversely) spending all of your time firefighting, then you won’t be able to drive the necessary changes to give you that motivational boost from achieving even small improvement goals.

Making the most out of life requires us to take the initiative. Seize the day! This might not come easy, be a real stretch and take you out of your comfort zone.

If we are too comfortable in role, or fail to remedy the constant firefighting, then we will not flourish and will fail to be inspiring role models for those around us. If we are too settled in our lifestyle, things can soon turn flat and mundane.  

What can you do?

So how can you take the initiative? These are a few ideas:

  • Start to think about your personal vision. Organisations have one, so should you! What motivates you? What are your values?
  • Set yourself goals that will achieve this vision. Some easy, some tough, some short term, others longer term.
  • Record them in a journal. Have it handy. Refer back to it regularly (at least once a week).
  • Celebrate success (however small you think it is).
  • Reach out for support where you need it, and offer it to others where you can.
  • Choose a play to win mindset. Be optimistic. Be positive. It has to start with you. 

How could we help?

If you need support recharging your leadership and motivation, we can help.

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