Internal communications consultants and employee engagement expertise.

internal communications consultantsThe world of work has changed.

Stakeholder demands are greater, budgets are tighter and leaders need to do more with less.

At the same time, trust in organisations and society is in rapid decline and employees are expecting a greater sense of fulfilment in their lives. Our internal communications consultants can help you build world-class levels of performance by creating different conversations that connect people with Purpose, Vision and Values.

Solutions that work

Our internal communications consultants works with teams to create internal communications and employee engagement solutions that deliver results.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Diagnosis

We take the internal communications and employee engagement data and information you’ve already gathered and combine it with our own measurement tools to help you make sense of the challenges and opportunities in your organisation. And we can help you turn that information into presentations and internal communications and employee engagement reports that engage and gain commitment and respect from key stakeholders.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Strategy

Communication inside your organisation will only make a difference if it is aligned to your broader strategy, and you are clear about the outcomes you want.

Whether that’s improving understanding of your vision, aligning behaviour to values or communicating change, we have the experience to help senior leaders turn strategy into compelling stories that employees can understand, believe and buy into.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Implementation

We know that you might not have the resources internally to enable the different conversations you need people to have in your organisation. We can provide support for a short-term project spread over a few days, ad-hoc expertise over a number of months, or full immersion in your team. We also provide regular mentoring and coaching for your existing internal leaders, to fast-track their capability and help them be successful.

Internal Communications Channels & Employee Engagement Strategy

Today, there’s a whole world of internal communication tools and channels to choose from. Emails, newsletters, events, posters, digital signage, social media, magazines, smartphone applications, websites – the list goes on!
But how do you select the right internal communication channels for your organisation that will create the conversations your organisation needs? We’ll help you identify, create and implement channels that drive different conversations to build understanding, teamwork and pride in your products, services and brand.

Employee Engagement

Building a culture of employee engagement in your organisation requires an approach aligned to the broader business strategy. It definitely isn’t just about cupcakes and stress balls! For a conversation about how we might help you deliver your objectives, get in touch.