Who knew that Millennials were humans too?

April 29, 2016 7:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts

MillennialsWhat if everything you’re ever been told about Millennials/Gen Y/Echo Boomers is wrong?

“They’re narcissists.”

“They’re only interested in themselves?”

“They’ll only learn if it’s on a smartphone!”

While running a workshop with a group of store managers for the fantastic fashion brand Superdry last week, I asked them what they were taking away from our time together.

Comments ranged from “Great to just pause for one day”,  “Awesome to have conversations we wouldn’t normally have” to “No phones, no screens, no PowerPoint. Loved it.”

And then it struck me.

They’re just like you and me.

They’re not a different species.

They’re humans.

We’re often sold the idea that when it comes to engaging millennials, especially around learning and development, that it somehow has to be different for it to be effective.

“They’ll only respond if it’s online.” You need to use gamification.” “They have no attention span.”

And while I agree that using new technology and approaches definitely add to any intervention (I just finished recording a set of podcasts to be used as part of the same programme) I fundamentally disagree with this belief.

If you want people to engage; if you want people to really tell you what they really need, I have an even more radical approach; pull up a chair and just ask!

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