Conversations that Deliver Results

Preparing for & having purposeful conversations

Every day and many times a day, leaders talk to people who they need to engage and empower to take actions to deliver results. All too often it’s the conversation that doesn’t deliver and doesn’t create an engaged active recipient. Why is this?

Leaders put off conversations until they become pressing and then the focus is more about that pressure – not engagement in the challenge in hand. Other conversations are one-way and lack the space for both parties to connect and get real & specific about their part in the work to follow.


Our approach is to start with the most critical and neglected conversation of all – the one with yourself. We enable you to answer the prime question, “How do I need to be in this forthcoming conversation to get the result I need?”

We work with the reality of our participants’ worlds, to distinguish the six types of delivery conversations.


  • Understand how relationships are the bedrock for requesting actions of others.
  • Building Bigger relationships – ensuring that your relationships are big enough to help you achieve the results you care about.
  • Delivering through others – being aware when you try to do other people’s work and building your capacity to make big requests of others.
  • Understanding the six different conversations for delivery.
  • Including the Accountability conversation when delivery has missed expectations. How to have this and re-inspire the other to deliver into the future.
  • Plan, practise & improve forthcoming conversations.
  • Working with people where conversations have been difficult – Changing your view to change their experience.