Future – Engage – Deliver: The Leadership Journey

Continuous organisational change calls for a new breed of leader – those with intellectual ability to envision a better Future, the passion and determination to see it through to Delivery and the interpersonal skills to Engage people on that journey.

Above anything else, leading is about being in touch with what you care about and then going for it.


“Future-Engage-Deliver” helps leaders inquire into their own leadership, their challenges and their aspirations. Active and practical, we explore ‘leadership in the real-world’, connecting participants to what they really care about, and difference they want to make. The results can include huge shifts in personal confidence, the size and effectiveness of relationships, and the performance of the whole organisation.


  • Conscious leadership – becoming aware of when you operate in ‘Leader Mode’ rather than Operator or Manager Mode.
  • Being guided by the future – connecting into what you really want, and who you want to be. Getting in touch with the bigger context and avoiding the pull of the present.
  • Building ‘bigger’ relationships – ensuring that your relationships are big enough to help you achieve the results you care about.
  • Managing your own ‘shadow’ – becoming aware of the impact you have on others and the quality of your relationships.
  • Delivering through others – being aware when you try to do other people’s work and building your capacity to make the ‘big request’ of others.
  • Developing others as leaders and expanding your influence.
  • Expanding your personal leadership support team.