Leadership in Change

A one day workshop exploring how to lead others through organisational change

Why do we seem to have so much trouble with change? Few seem to relish it, many avoid it and some even try to sabotage it. Is this inevitable – is it possible to change with enthusiasm?

In this stimulating and insightful day we explore the processes of human change and how this applies in organisations. We show leaders how they can best support their teams, and individuals how to remain both proactive and positive. Whether contemplating a change or recovering from one, this workshop can provide vital support and development.

Recommended for anyone leading others through organisational change or individuals going through change themselves.


  • Understand the human processes of change
  • Learn to work constructively with resistance to change
  • Consciously plan for your personal leadership of current & future changes to ensure success
  • Learn how to keep personal choice & control in change


  • Experiences of change – exploring forms of change and their human impact. Imposed change versus chosen change. The track record of organisational change.
  • Understanding the human processes of change – what are the predictable stages of change, what helps and what doesn’t.
  • Understanding and working with resistance – forms of resistance, learning to work with resistance constructively, moving from past to the future.
  • Making the compelling case for change – How can you ensure you get started on the right foot
  • Future focus – getting clear WHAT matters to you about your leadership in change. What do you want your people to say, feel, think about your leadership?
  • Keeping choice in change—regaining a proactive stance, developing a focused personal action plan.