Leadership Toolkit- To get you through the impact of Coronavirus

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Following the release of updated advice from the Government yesterday on plans to ‘delay’ the spread of Coronavirus, many businesses are making the decision to enable staff to work from home.

Without the instant communication that being in an office allows, many leaders may be struggling with how to keep on top of everything and how to stay in contact with their team.

For those that need advice on how to handle this situation, andpartnership have put together a leadership toolkit to help get you through the impact of Coronavirus.

How to be an effective leader whilst working remotely

  • Make use of available technology. Video conferencing systems such as Zoom, Skype and MS Teams can help maintain the face-to-face interaction.
  • Agree a communications strategy. Inform other departments of what is happening with your team and give them methods of contacting you. Also, inform your clients / external contacts.
  • Set clear expectations on how remote working should work for your team.
  • Be available. Give your team as much access to you as possible.
  • Have regular check-ins.
  • Trust your team. There is nothing worse than trying to micro-manage remotely.
  • Focus on GOALS not ACTIONS.
  • Avoid multi-tasking.
  • Lead by example. Don’t make people feel guilty for working remotely.
  • Be flexible. Most people will work more hours remotely so a great advantage of remote working is to offer flexibility in terms of breaks, lunch, etc.

Contact us for help with remote leadership, hosting effective online meetings, keeping teams engaged and any other leadership/ organisational development needs.

Download this advice as a PDF below

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