Our Approach

Key to managerial success at all levels, is awareness of personal style, thinking & actions and how these impact on success.

Manage ME helps your managers discover how to be at their personal best, building specific skills to enhance existing strengths & commit to conscious application. All our interventions begin with a diagnosis of what needs to change and how learning will be embedded in the workplace. We work to enable participants to be confident in answering such questions as:

Skills & Outcomes

What is my Role?
The role of a manager
How to learn to be a manager
Managing ex colleagues

How do I organise myself effectively?
Managing time & priorities
Planning how to achieve results

How do I stay at my personal best?
Personal wellbeing
Stress awareness & management

Do I understand myself and how to be at my best?
Understanding the impact of personal style & preferences
Communicating assertively
Discovering how self limiting beliefs affect performance
Improving personal impact & creating my brand

How does my thinking style impacts results?
Understanding thinking styles
Solutions focused decision making

How do I operate in change?
Understanding Change
Keeping choice in Change

Programmes range from 2 hours to a series of workshops, tailored to meet group needs which have included first time managers and ‘saw sharpening’ sessions for experienced senior managers.