Building engagement and sustainability

Our Approach

Our innovative approach to development starts with an understanding of both the business and individual contexts for change.
We identify gaps, tailor design AND create engagement in the development to follow. Sustainability is embedded by ongoing self managed diagnosis:


  • Improved understanding of organisational and personal contexts for change
  • Focused value-add development interventions
  • High levels of participant engagement
  • Sustained behavioural change back at work

Diagnostic outcomes are used with clients in a number of ways to:

  • Enhance personal insight and impact
  • Accelerate team performance
  • Improve delivery of key business objectives

Our Offer

  • Culture, climate and communication audits to get under the skin of your organisation.
  • Change diagnostics – a range of indicators to assess individual & organisational readiness for change.
  • Personal profiling – identification of personal style and preferences using MBTI.
  • 180 and 360 degree feedback to identify how leaders ‘show up’ and impact on others.
  • Succession planning – identification of current capability and future potential.
  • Team diagnostics – a range of ‘barometers’ to assess the health of teams.

Diagnostics are tailored to the individual client, and can be employed using a range of delivery methods from face to face /phone interviews to online surveys & questionnaires.