Our Approach

Manage Others helps your managers explore how to inspire others to be their personal best, building specific skills to enhance existing strengths & commit to conscious application. All our interventions begin with diagnosis of what needs to change and how learning will be embedded in the workplace. We work to enable participants to be confident in answering such questions as:

Skills & Outcomes

What do I do to develop ownership in others?
Delegation – the art of letting go
Building trust in decision making

How do I mobilise my team to work effectively together?
Understanding what makes a great team
Motivating teams to be at their best
Diffusing team conflict

How do I become a great coach?
Solving problems together
Empowering conversations

How do I get the best from others?
Valuing differences
Collaborative working
Building effective relationships

What do I do to drive high performance in others?
Measuring performance effectively
Challenging assertively
Performance focused development

How do I manage my team through change?
Recognising behaviours in change
Giving choice in change
Helping others move through change

Programmes range from a few hours to a series of one/two day workshops, tailored to meet group needs which have in-cluded first time managers and ‘saw sharpening’ sessions for experienced senior managers.