Key to organisational success is the ability of great managers to rise to the challenge of leadership and deliver conscious leadership for tomorrow.

Our Approach

Manage to Lead prepares you managers to transition to leadership roles, setting a compelling context for others to be at their best. All our interventions begin with diagnosis of what needs to change and how learning will be embedded in the workplace. We deliver specific skill development to harness existing strengths & commit to conscious application. We work to enable participants to be confident in answering such questions as:

Skills & Outcomes

What does leadership mean to me?
Management to leadership
Personal leadership style
Learning to lead

What is the future that I want to create?
Strategic thinking
Innovation and creativity

How do I bring others with me?
Influencing others
Positive negotiation skills
Stakeholder management

How do I grow as a leader?
Moving to conscious leadership
Developing others as leaders

How do I lead through change?
Shaping the change process
Engaging others in change
Reducing resistance to change

Programmes range from a few hours to a series of one/two day workshops, tailored to meet group needs which have included first time managers and ‘saw sharpening’ sessions for experi-enced senior managers.