Advanced Coaching Skills

Taking your coaching skills to the next level

The art of coaching, having an internal conversation with the outcome of engaging others in taking more ownership for their own performance, is now more than ever a skill in the line managers tool box.

Many internal coaches now need to coach in more demanding circumstances. So if your internal coaching resource needs assistance, your existing coaches need some tailored skill development or you need to increase the quality of the outputs of your coaching, our workshop meets the need.

This highly participative bespoke workshop enables your internal coaches and coaching line managers to revisit and develop their coaching skills ensuring time invested in coaching reaps rewards.

Recommended for those currently coaching others. Whether they have learnt by experience or had basic coaching training some time ago. Or those who need a quick injection to raise skills or focus.

We also offer bespoke workshops of 1,2 or 3 days according to needs


  • Revisit and reflect on lessons learnt from your coaching experience
  • Deepen and expand your coaching skills repertoire
  • Understand what is involved in an effective ‘helping relationship’
  • Practise and plan for live coaching opportunities
  • Commit to conscious practise within and beyond the workshops


  • Share experiences and understanding of what is an effective Coaching conversation
  • Reconnecting with core coaching skills
  • Practise feedback
  • Stages in effective coaching relationships
  • Advanced skills: Deep listening, powerful questions, engaging goals
  • Diagnosing your preferred helping style
  • Conscious practise
  • Advanced skills: critical reflection, effective feedback
  • Live case co-coaching
  • Support and challenge skills
  • Overcoming barriers to coaching
  • Continuing my development