Coaching for Empowerment

Have you invested in Coaching but your leaders aren’t embracing it?

Are you looking to create a more empowering culture, but cannot get the traction you need?

In a world where we are constantly needing to do more with less, creating genuine empowerment is even more essential.

Increasingly, leaders need to engage their people to get every ounce of creativity and discretionary effort. But all too often increased pressure results in them reverting to a ‘tell’ style which inevitably disengages and fails to access the teams full potential.


In this highly participative and energising workshop you can take a fresh look at your coaching skills and learn how to use them effectively to engage and empower others.

The workshop will allow you to develop skills to help others improve their own performance. You will understand empowerment, including personal challenges, when empowering others.

It will also define how personal psychology can limit personal performance, blocking delivery and how these blocks may be reduced.


  • Coaching, Training, Mentoring – what is the difference and how do you know which style to use when
  • Giving great feedback – how to get people to maximise their performance through effective feedback conversations
  • Inner Game approach to coaching – the power of focused attention and removing interferences
  • Business coaching practise – opportunity to brush up on your coaching skills and receive feedback
  • Two minute coaching – using coaching in the real world to get improved engagement and results
  • Using coaching to empower – how to get your people to want to take more responsibility