Creating Coaching Cultures

Develop the ability to coach for behavioural change within your organisation.

Many organisations are realising the necessity for leaders and managers to have more effective conversations throughout their working day. Conversations that increase ownership and engage both parties to take appropriate action. In a word, creating a culture where coaching conversations are commonplace.

We achieve this by developing your own managers to coach, be coached and develop an internal resource to coach the coaches for sustainability.


  • More managers able to challenge and engage others in their day to day dealings
  • More individuals able to request & give feedback to improve performance
  • Easier introduction of change & new messages as employees are ready to focus on the goal, the ‘What’ and co-create the ‘How’.
  • Engaging others becomes “the way we do things round here”.
  • This also creates a cost effective alternative to external coaches for specific individuals.

Case Study

To meet and beat its competitors, a nationwide organisation needed to shift quickly from a command and control culture to one that encourage upward feedback, local front line ownership & innovation in a highly regulated and safety focused sector. We designed a programme that:

  • Delivered a 2+1 day workshops to a pilot group of 60
  • Coached a team of in-house facilitators to co-deliver the programme, to over 200 managers. Each group including a member of the Executive as a senior sponsor
  • Participants were matched with a coachee to practise & build 1:1 coaching capability.
  • In-house coaches received further development to take licensed programme completely in house, with regular supervision.
  • Culture embedded by inclusion in induction, other development programmes, database of trained coaches, CMI qualifications for some, Coaching at Work days, Team coaching.
  • Coaching is now validated as a key component of success & improving business performance.

Contact us for more information on this case study and about how you can creating a Coaching Culture in your organisation.