Executive Coaching

About our Coaches

Our coaches’ broad business experience, at senior executive level, give a rare combination of practical leadership experience, great insight into people and coaching expertise to improve performance. We have successfully coached individual Board Directors to achieve results they did not believe was possible as well as improve their lives, inside and outside work.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance, helping them to learn rather than teaching them.


Coaching can help you with:

  • Formulating a business, career or personal strategy
  • Managing transitions and change
  • Building skills
  • Resolving a dilemma or tackling a challenge
  • Improving work relationships

What does coaching look like?

In a series of conversations you will explore:

  • Your vision, goals and objectives.
  • Your current situation and where you want to make changes.
  • The options open to you and the actions you want to make those changes a reality.
  • Your experience and learning from taking action.

In tackling these areas your coach will help you be more:

  • Aware of yourself and your impact on others.
  • Willing to take responsibility for and able to respond to your situation.
  • Outcome focused and able to learn from your own and others experience.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Supporting and challenging your beliefs about yourself