Making Mentoring Work

Do you have senior managers and leaders who could or even should, be helping grow talent within your business?

Do you have raw talent and high fliers who need more than local line management development?

Mentoring is an increasingly popular approach to harnessing the power of experience in organisations. However getting results and a focused return on your investment also requires some investment up front with your mentors.

This highly participative workshop enables your new or self developed mentors to get under the skin of developmental relationships and consciously practise and plan to play their part in ensuring your mentoring programme delivers.

Recommended for those in a mentoring role, either formal or informal at any level.


  • Revisit and deepen your current coaching and mentoring skills
  • Understand what’s involved in an effective relationship
  • Aquire advanced ‘helping’┬áskills
  • Practise and plan your live mentoring opportunities
  • Commit to conscious practise within and beyond the workshop


  • Experiences and understanding of what mentoring is
  • Reconnecting with core coaching/ mentoring skills
  • Practise and feedback
  • Stages of effective mentoring relationships
  • Advanced skills: rapport, deep Listening, powerful questions
  • Creating and building effective relationships
  • Diagnosing your preferred ‘helping style’
  • Skills of support and challenge
  • Goals for mentor and mentee
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Conscious practise
  • Advanced skills: Critical reflection , effective feedback