Team Coaching

Take your coaching skills to the next level – learn to Team Coach

While many managers are using their coaching skills to great effect to raising individual performance, perhaps even greater gains are to be made by applying the same core skills to team performance.

In this intensive and practical day, we show you how to apply your coaching skills to enhancing team working. Help your team to become more focussed on priorities, more effective in solving problems together and make better decisions.

Recommended for leaders, managers and change agents wanting to learn how to apply the skills of coaching in a team context. A working understanding of a coaching process such as the ‘GROW’ modelĀ is assumed.


  • Understand how the skills of individual coaching can transfer to the team
  • Learn how to reduce blocks that limit team performance
  • Experience, understand and apply team coaching in practical situations
  • Develop the skills to help teams improve their own performance and acceptance of change
  • Apply skills to current change & work issues


  • Workshop Introduction – what is team coaching ? How is team coaching different from individual coaching?
  • Practical team coaching experience – learning to group ‘ski’! Using review and feedback to enhance performance.
  • Team coaching model – team processes for problem solving, facilitation skills, understanding group dynamics
  • Using GROW in a team context, forming the team goal
  • Team Coaching practical 1 – applying GROW to a common problem, review and learning
  • Adding facilitation skills to your armoury
  • Inside track on team dynamics – what teams need from a coach at different stages of working together
  • Team Coaching practical 2 – putting it all together
  • Giving and Receiving effective feedback in a team setting
  • Applying your learning in the workplace – ideas for enhancing your team’s performance
  • Creating a personal action plan and committing to continued development