Reflections On Our First 15 Years (Part 3)

October 11, 2018 10:12 am Published by Leave your thoughts

So what other changes have we witnessed over the past 15 years?

We have seen four prime ministers, three US presidents, three royal weddings and a new heir to the throne. We have seen a major financial crash and subsequent recovery, a further loss of trust in politicians through expenses scandals, and unprecedented global divisions through Trump and Brexit. Yet through all of this turmoil, people remain at the heart of businesses, and seem to me more important than ever.

Whilst Artificial Intelligence may replace repetitive jobs, I can’t see a robot talking about ‘the future it wants to create’ or building big relationships by talking about ‘what I care about’!

 And what about the next fifteen years?

Will we see:

  • a new monarch?
  • several new prime ministers?
  • a new political party that fills the void in the centre ground of politics?
  • a world post Brexit that recovers and thrives?
  • AI replacing GP appointments, basic legal advice and delivering goods?
  • a resurgent high street that embraces internet shopping and reinvents itself, fulfilling needs that we haven’t even thought of yet?
  • driverless lorries and cars on our roads?
  • a backlash against the darker side of social media?
  • rebellion against the busy-ness to a greater focus on work/life balance?
  • Aston Villa winning the premiership? (Some things are just a dream!)

Whatever happens, the speed of change is only going to accelerate. Humankind’s ability to cope is going to be key to exploiting the full potential of technological and industrial advancement. The likelihood is that fewer leaders will have an even greater role in engaging their teams and releasing every bit of potential from the reducing workforce.

People will have to reskill quickly to take advantage of a shifting job market to avoid a repeat of the unemployment created through the demise of steel, shipbuilding and mining. As technology advances more and more quickly, jobs are going to shift from the Retail, Healthcare and Distribution sectors (to name but three!) into AI production (until they get robots to reproduce themselves!), Software Development and, you guessed it, Leadership!

Better vision and direction will be needed to deliver in optimum time. Keeping people motivated and productive will be an ever-increasing challenge. The move towards self-employment will continue to increase, as a way for people to take back control of their lives and improve the work/home balance.


My grandsons will be approaching their eighteenth birthdays by 2033 and can expect very different employment opportunities to what we have now. They will need to be flexible, embrace change on a far greater scale than even their parents have, and potentially, be willing to use their skills in their own businesses or emerging industries. The one thing that won’t change is the andpartnership’s commitment to partnering firms during those changes and helping people to be at their best in that ever-changing world!

We are grateful to all the clients, associates, suppliers, and our amazing team who have got us to this milestone. We look forward to working with you into the next decade! If you would like help in preparing your leaders for the future, contact

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