Six Criteria for Productive Work

May 11, 2016 8:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

With the surge in focus on employee engagement in organisations, we’re now seeing a very particular challenge emerging.

Companies are reporting high engagement levels in teams, but not an equal increase in performance.

Perhaps this might help.

On our recent annual team ‘away-day’ we took time to check-in with each other how much (or how little) Productive Satisfaction we were experiencing. This facilitated approach is based on Robert Rehm’s Self Managed Teams.

self managed teamsRehm identified six criteria for productive work around satisfaction – do I have too much, or too little of the following;

  1. ‘Elbow room’ for decision making
  2. The opportunity to learn (ability to set goals and accurate and timely feedback)
  3. Variety in the content and pace of work
  4. Mutual support and respect
  5. Meaningfulness (or Purpose)
  6. A desirable future

It took less than ten minutes to assess ourselves, and immediately highlighted aspects we want to work on – rather than someone else telling us what we need to work on!

Our paired ‘ walk and talk’ (in rural Warwickshire) conversations with a chosen colleague opened up powerful, frank discussions about needs and options.

In no more than an hour we’d got an illuminating snapshot of the whole team (we shared our scores) and high personal ownership for what WE need to amplify and amend in our work remit and style.

A similar session with a client team in the rail industry today, provided valuable insights for individuals, colleagues and the team leader.

If you want a quick, engaging and productive way to get your team improving their work – try this. And, if you’d like to know more, please give me a call.


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