Talent Development Workshop – 27 April 2016

Is your Talent Development Programme training managers for today, or leaders for tomorrow?

More than ever organisations need capable,agile leaders at every rung of the ladder. Having an effective talent development programme is crucial if you are to meet the challenges of the future.

We know it can be challenging to create a unified talent development strategy, especially if your company is made up of many specialised divisions or during budget constraints or restructuring.

If you are grappling with these and other questions about your organisation’s talent development programme, our stimulating interactive workshop will help you explore the importance of proactive talent development to support your business strategy and deliver tangible results.

At our special FREE Talent Development ‘Taster’ workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand what millenials needs and how they want to get it
  • What the benefits are of an effective talent development programme
  • How to ensure your talent management strategy engages ALL stakeholders
  • Why leaders make time to invest in growing tomorrow’s talent
  • How we achieve results with a diverse range of organisations
  • How to build in ROI from the very beginning

Come and join us to share insights and take away useful tips you can implement immediately.

To book your free place at our talent development taster workshop, click below or for a conversation please call us on 01623 883 910. Hurry though, as you’d expect places are filled fast!

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