Turning the talent telescope around part 2 – talent programmes that create leaders for tomorrow rather than managers for today.

As I talked about before, the new world is going to require a new way of viewing and growing talent. To assist this the programmes that are run will need to be radically different, focused on drawing potential out rather than simply pouring skills in.

Effective talent programmes should have several core parts – create self awarenessĂ‚ including a desire for continual feedback, tackle limiting beliefs and confidence in their ability by focussing on them at their best, and top up any skills required at senior levels that they may have missed on the way up (e.g. Strategy and planning). They should also create experiences and exposure that the individuals won’t have had before, to practice their leadership skills in different scenarios, and review the learning they get from them. Finally they should have a blend of approaches, from group learning to form great networks and learn from each other, to individual coaching to explore their self limiting beliefs and how they want to ‘turn the volume down’ on these in favour of some more positive beliefs.

This multi faceted approach, focussing on the individual from the inside out, can have radical results. One client where we have just completed their second talent programme has had time to review the success of the first year. In numbers terms, in the first year after the programme 60% have been promoted and 20% have moved sideways – an unusually high result for this type of programme. Only 10% have left the business, again low for some programmes where talent is often identified, developed and then not utilised, resulting in high attrition. Perhaps more importantly for the overall future of leadership, some of the individual anecdotes have been the most pleasing. One delegate said ‘I know it sounds like a cliche but the experience has been life changing. I am clear about the future I want to create for myself and the business, I am more in control, in and out of work, I have stopped worrying what people think of me as much and surprisingly I am getting better feedback than before. I am more confident speaking up in meetings and communicating with senior leaders, and my team have noticed the difference. I am now home every night to read my boys a bedtime story, which I never was before, and I am happier than I have ever been. My boys say they like the new Daddy and that”s the best feedback for me!’ Now that’s Leadership!

If you want to explore how to change the way you develop talent in your organisation, why not come along to our Casester on Talent Developement on 3rd July in London where one of our blue chip clients will be talking about their experiences and we will be giving you a chance to sample some of the approaches and methods we use. Book through info@andpartnership.comĂ‚ or contact David Tomkinson on 07710 003029 or david.tomkinson@andpartnership.com