What’s your ‘home advantage’?

There has been much talk over the past two weeks about why we have been so successful at these Olympics compared with others. There is no doubt that the extra funding in some sports has helped, as well as the enormous dedication and continual practice of the athletes, to never accept that performance can’t be improved. But there was also the ‘roar of the crowd’ that medal winner after medal winner kept referring to – ‘they carried me over the line’, ‘they helped me believe I could do it’ and ‘they made me forget about my exhaustion’ were just some of the comments from our winning athletes.

What I think they are referring to is the blocking out of negative thoughts and emotions through overwhelming positive energy – any self limiting thoughts they may have been having, had the volume turned down in favour of their ‘best self’. Some untapped potential was released from somewhere, often that they didn’t know they had. There was also the positive belief that peer success can breed –  “they have won a medal/broken a world record so why can’t I”? All of this combined to bring us our best medal total for 100 years and our best ever in real terms of the quality of the competition. But what can business take from this?

When the race is every day towards a long term goal, rather than 10 seconds once every 4 years, the distractions can be even greater. Our self limiting beliefs can stop us from taking risks and doing what we would do without thinking when we are in our ‘best self’ place. All too often we take the safe route rather than the one that could bring us the ‘gold medal’. Our colleagues and our own mind can either be our ‘home advantage’, cheering us on, supporting us, believing in our potential, or they can be a hostile ‘away crowd’, pointing out only our mistakes, judging and criticising us, setting us up to fail from the start. Which one have you got going on at work and in your head? Do you go into work each morning believing that you can beat your previous best or keep your head down, not wanting to take risks and playing it safe? How much potential do you have that you aren’t using?

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