Developing Internal Change Agents

Effecting sustained change in organisations

Organisations where change programmes and initiatives are taking place are likely to need the support and expertise of their own internal change resource – distinctive individuals who can instigate, catalyse and deliver the right level of change at the right time in different parts of the organisation.


Internal change agents need to develop and role model the necessary behavioural skills and approaches required to create a responsive climate for change. We provide a series of workshops designed to deliver the key skill sets required to be an effective change agent – consulting, diagnosis, design, coaching, delivering and sustaining change. In all our workshops participants will learn these valuable skills by applying them to real, live issues so that organizational performance will improve as well as individual capability as an agent of change.


  • Consulting skills – Creating powerful working relationships with peers and stakeholders. Agreeing and contracting for a programme of change whilst keeping responsibility where it belongs.
  • Diagnostic and Design skills – assimilating a wide range of information to diagnose potential people resistance and solutions using a systemic approach. Working with internal clients to design solutions.
  • Coaching skills – developing the interpersonal skills to support others to grow, develop and deliver.
  • Delivery and implementation skills – project management and implementation. Understanding of group dynamics and multi-level situations. Identifying patterns of resistance to change and exploring the reasons why.
  • Sustaining and building on change – dentifying critical success factors, activity plans measuring success. Collaborative learning and evaluation as a continuous activity.