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Reverse Mentoring

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse Mentoring follows the same principles of traditional Mentoring but with a twist, as both people learn from each other. This boosts both parties’ level of understanding, communication, and collaboration. It recognises the experience levels of both Mentee and Mentor and allows them to learn from one another, as both have valuable knowledge to share.
In Reverse Mentoring, the more experienced or more knowledgeable person does not need to be in a more senior role or older.  Anyone experienced in a topic, can help guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.  The Mentor may be older or younger, but brings a certain area of expertise.
It creates more inclusivity and cross-generational learning, helping each other to grow, develop and reach their full potential and both individuals will benefit. 

In reverse mentoring, two people enter a "professional friendship“ with unlimited possibilities. Within their conversations, they exchange skills, knowledge and build understanding.
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Like traditional Mentoring we can facilitate the end to end experience of Reverse Mentoring
  • We can identify Mentors/Mentees

  • Carry out the Profile Matching

  • Develop their skills and knowledge

  • Co-ordinate supervision session to ensure quality conversations

  • Measure and evaluate the overall experience 

Some of the reasons why organisations might consider offering
Reverse Mentoring
  • Unlock the potential of your graduate employees

  • Connecting across different areas of your organisation

  • Career Direction or appreciation for a different role

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Virtual Mentoring for Remote and Hybrid Workforces

  • Future thinking and Change

  • New ways of working and expectations

We can also support you with:


  • Developing your own in-house Mentoring Team to bring Mentoring with our advanced skills programme & supervision.

  • Consultancy support with a ‘how to’ create a mentoring culture in your organisation with the skills they need to make mentoring schemes really deliver for both parties.  

  • Showcasing the benefits that Reverse Mentoring can bring to individuals, teams and the organisation.

  • Our experience from implementing in other organisations.



We offer a blended approach, both face to face or virtual learning. We maximise engagement by using pre-recorded videos, breakout rooms, polls and interactive whiteboards.

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