Leadership in a Day
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Thursday 16th June  | 9:30am - 3:30pm  

This interactive day will feature elements of our award winning programme. It will focus on a range of leadership topics including:

  • Mapping the future you want to create

  • Exploring your Leadership Energies 

  • Managing Self-limiting beliefs

  • Identifying relationship building opportunities

  • Engaging with impact and much more

Reverse Mentoring Lunch & Learn
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Thursday 23rd June  | 12:15pm - 1:15pm  

Join Lee Morris to explore together:

  • What is reverse mentoring?

  • The benefits of reverse mentoring

  • How to share and hear another's 'lived experience'

  • Do and Don'ts of a reverse mentoring programme

  • How to make it a success in your organisation 

  • Our experiences and how we can support you

Inclusive Language as a Leader
Inc Langugage as a Leader.jpg

Tuesday 26th July |  10am - 11am  

Join Rebecca Clarke to explore together:

  • What is inclusive Language? What does it mean?

  • The power of the spoken word

  • Removing bias and being neutral in how we communicate

  • How can I be aware of the impact I have vs Intent?

  • Simple things we all can do to be more inclusive in all types of communication as a leader.