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Moving from Bystander to Ally
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Thursday 30th November | 10am - 11am 

Join Tim Vaughan to explore:

  • What is allyship and why do we need it?

  • Being curious and see through other lens

  • Explore what might stop you from challenging someone else?

  • Example of things we can do with your organisation.

Why Leaders should experience Reverse Mentoring

Wednesday 6th December | 10am - 11am 

Join Rebecca Clarke to explore:

  • How we can utilise the traditional mentoring approach with a twist

  • Why leaders benefit from embracing Reverse mentoring and how to set up leaders for success.

  • The Key skills in Reverse Mentoring and how to embed a culture of openness and connection.

  • Share how we can support you as an individual, team or organisation in introducing Reverse Mentoring

Having Challenging Conversations Virtually
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Tuesday 12th December | 10am - 11am 

Join Rebecca Clarke to explore:

  • How leaders can role model how to deliver challenging conversations

  • What’s the risk and benefit of facing into a challenging conversation

  • How can we prepare to have any conversation even if we might be presented with curve balls?

  • Explore the skills and techniques to be in control to deliver an overall positive impact

Developing High Performing Leaders
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Thursday 14th December | 10am - 11am 

Join Ian Kaye to explore:

  • What makes for great leadership in 2023?

  • Key elements of a successful Leadership Development programme

  • Using a blended approach to increase participation and effectiveness

  • Case studies showing successful programmes and the impact they had

Psychological Safety for Leaders - Delivered Virtually
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Join us for 3 x 90 minute session on Psychological Safety

16th, 23rd & 30th January, 10am - 11:30am

Psychological Safety is a 'must have' if you want a thriving organisational culture where engagement levels are high, talent is retained, attrition is reduced and people are learning, developing and innovating. At the end of these 3 sessions you will know:​

  • The importance of psychological safety 

  • How to measure it 

  • How to practically embed it into teams and organisational culture

Click the link below for a Workshop breakdown 

Leadership in a Day - Delivered Virtually
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Contact us for date information 

This interactive day will feature elements of our award winning programme. It will focus on a range of leadership topics including:

  • Mapping the future you want to create

  • Exploring your Leadership Energies 

  • Managing Self-limiting beliefs

  • Identifying relationship building opportunities

  • Engaging with impact and much more

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