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Change Management

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Powerful insights into the human side of change.
Why do we seem to have so much trouble with organisational change? Few seem to relish it, many avoid it and some even try to sabotage it. Is this inevitable – is it possible to change with enthusiasm?

We are organisational change experts and we show leaders in organisations how they can best support their teams, and show individuals how to remain both proactive and positive. Whether contemplating a large-scale change or recovering from one, our unique workshops can provide vital insight when it is needed most.


Recommended for anyone leading others through organisational change or individuals going through change themselves.

  • Organisational Change toolkit – powerful tools to help your teams navigate the change process, including bespoke diagnostics.

  • Practical project, programme, communication and HR management skills and skills & tools to managing the change process.

  • Quicker recovery from change – helping your teams to rebalance and realign after change.

  • Creating change resilience – consultancy support to build the change hardiness of your organisation.


Our change consultants have over 20 years experience leading change inside organisations, and supporting large organisations through change.

  • Welcome, Context & Check-in

  • Our Experience of Change

  • Impact if change is Imposed or Chosen

  • Finding Choice & Control in imposed change

  • Human Responses in change

  • What Helps & what Hinders

  • Leading others in Change: Enablers & Derailers

  • Minimising Resistance in Change

  • What am I taking forwards from today?

  • Check-out & feedback

“Great session and I have more tools to help manage my team and others through change and have a better understanding of the different stages people go through.”
Operational Leader at British Car Auctions (BCA)
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