Leadership Development

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Our award-winning leadership programme is now available as a truly blended virtual product (as well as face-to-face when possible).
It is fully customisable to suit your organisation’s unique requirements and includes:
  • Online pre and post questionnaires to benchmark and provide ROI and impact evaluation.

  • Facilitated virtual workshops with interactive elements such as breakout rooms, whiteboards, polls and chat.

  • Self-guided online modules.

  • Additional digital content including podcasts, videos and quizzes.

On a bespoke leadership programme, ‘Lead into Action’
“I have never come away from a course like this with a genuine change in my mindset and thought process as to how, why and when I can make better decisions and understand the appropriate outcomes for all stakeholders.
I have to add that 100% of this has to attributed to the engaging sessions conducted by Ian. There may be course theory, chats and practical exercises - but for me Ian is the 'course'. For me, Ian's energy and passion was key and I hope we continue (as a business) to utilise his skills and experience. First course I have genuinely benefited from. Thank you”
Line Manager, Leading Rail Franchise