Quicker Recovery from Change

A Menu of Workshops & Interventions to help your Organisation recover from Change and Refocus on the Future – Quicker!

All too often organisational change can leave individuals and teams reeling and the organisation underperforming – something that can linger and deepen if unaddressed.

We specialise in working with individuals, teams and organisations, to help them recover from change and refocus on the future – fast! We offer a comprehensive menu of workshops and recovery activities for a variety of audiences. For example:

Individuals – 2 hour workshops

Understanding change – helping people to understand and normalise the emotional responses to change situations.
Managing stress and uncertainty – helping people to understand and cope with change anxiety.
Keeping choice in change – helping people to regain a sense of control in turbulent times.

Teams – 1-3 day workshops

Recovery from change – ‘clearing the decks’ in post-redundancy or restructure situations.
Beginnings workshops – (re)-creating the team vision and delivery agenda.
Fast performing teams workshop – rapidly refocusing the team on the immediate delivery agenda.
Refocusing the team for value add – ensuring team workload is aligned for the longer term.

Leaders – workshops and coaching

Leading others through change – the role of the leader in helping people through change quickly and effectively.
Supporting others after change – the vital leadership role in helping the organisation back to full productivity and performance.
Leadership coaching – 1:1 support for leaders grappling with change and recovery issues.

Organisation/sfacilitation and change consultancy

Inter-team workshops – creating alignment between teams post change.
Creating the new culture – defining and implementing the culture of the new organisation.
Conferences & large group events – creating alignment and engagement across the whole organisation – rapidly.

We work with you to diagnose the optimal combination of events and tailor them to meet your needs. They can be run by our experienced facilitators, or, if you prefer, by your in-house professionals.