Creating ‘Big Enough’  Relationships to Get The Job Done

All great leaders have the ability to get work done through others – leading others in a way that helps them to ‘show up’ inspired. Relationship building and engagement creation are therefore core skills to transformational leadership.

However, in our task-focused world, we often confuse engagement as ‘communication’ or ‘tell’, and see relationship building as something peripheral to leadership. We show you how to build ‘big’ relationships at work – robust, honest and forthright – big enough to get the job done. The difference can be astonishing.

This is a personal look at leadership. It requires participants to be willing to look at their own leadership and the impact they have on others.


  • Understanding big relationships and the direct impact on business performance.
  • The 50:50 relationship – taking responsibility for your half of the relationship … and no more.
  • Working on someone else’s agenda – the shift from ‘tell’ to ‘ask’.
  • The skills of building ‘big’ relationships – rapport building and empathy, going beyond active listening, critical questions and critical reflection, striving for dialogue.
  • Emotional Intelligence – knowing and having the impact you intend on others.
  • Self awareness and social awareness – self-management and social management.
  • Working with difference constructively.
  • Working with ‘difficult people’ – understanding transactions.