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Thursday 12th September 2024 
9:30am - 4pm
Delivered Virtually 



​Supervisory, management or leadership roles regardless of level


+ VAT*




£199 + VAT*

andpartnership are excited to launch our practical, experiential workshop, ‘Leadership in a Day.’
This is a great opportunity to experience our award-winning approach to leadership development in a one-day virtual format. 

Leadership in a Day

In this immersive session you will explore the world you are leading in:


  • Gain deeper awareness of how you are leading.   

  • Enable yourself with a variety of skills and chooses to experiment with as a leader

  • Start to develop your own unique leadership plan, focused ‘The Future I want to create’.

  • Understanding ‘What am I leading for, both at work and Home’

What does it include?

The interactive session will include:

  • Understanding your ‘WHY’ – what is the future you want to create? What drives you to ‘lead’? How can you make your future a reality?

  • The Future I want to create – start to develop what is your purpose and how can I grow in the direction that is meaningful to me and others around me.

  • Leadership Styles – which is your strongest, which are least used and which might be overplayed?

  • Self-limiting Beliefs – managing ‘negative self-talk’ to help you be at your best more of the time.

  • Where you spend your time - are you in ‘busy’ manager and firefighting mode too often? How can you spend more time in ‘Purposeful’ mode?

  • Importance of mind-set – Do you ‘play to win’ or just ‘play to survive’? What results could you achieve?

  • Building ‘bigger’ Relationships – how much do you invest in relationship-building and are your relationships big enough to achieve the results you want?

  • Managing your own ‘shadow’ – is your intended impact always the impact given?

  • Engaging others in your future – what are the ingredients of effective engagement? What are the different levels of engagement?

Why should I attend?

  • Time to focus on and to gain a deeper understanding of your leadership skills

  • A Convenient way to develop, in a hybrid world

  • Take away simple, practical models that you can apply in your real world.

  • Develop your own unique leadership plan, focused on ‘The Future I want to create’ 

  • Network, learn and explore with like-minded professionals.

  • Experience our award-winning approach to leadership development.

  • Re-energise your leadership approach for 2024 and beyond!

*The cost of £199 + VAT will be invoiced to you, cancellations are charged in full after payment has been made unless transferred onto the next available course date (at management discretion)

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