Management Development

Organisations need skilled managers at all levels who can deliver great business performance and get the most from their people. Now, more than ever, organisations need to maximise the effectiveness of their investment in skill development. Too often the content of skill development is not matched by clarity of context and therefore sustained changes in behaviour can miss expectations. Our innovative approach starts with understanding the context, of both your organisation AND your participants, this builds engagement & sustainability form the outset.

  • Manage More Diagnostics – Analysis of current organisational & individual context and capability. To identify gaps, tailor design AND engage both in the development to follow. Sustainability is embedded by ongoing self managed diagnosis
  • Manage Me – How aware are you of how your personal style & actions impact on success in your role? Understanding how to be your personal best. We use simple, memorable techniques to access & embed personal learning.
  • Manage Others – How do you inspire others to perform at their best? What do you need to do to let go and trust others to get the task done? How do you get your people to show up focused & inspired.
  • Manage to Lead – What is the Future you are seeking to create? How do you get others to want to come with you? How do you develop leadership talent in yourself and others.

Programmes range from a few hours to a series of one/two day workshops, tailored to meet group needs which have included first time managers and saw sharpening sessions for experienced senior managers.