Today’s competitive business environment calls for skilled managers at all levels who can deliver high levels of business performance and get the most from their people.

Manage More is an innovative approach to the development of management capability which focuses your managers on the achievement of business goals through the effective management of themselves and others.

Our approach is based on the belief that management success at any level can only be accomplished by having an understanding of what needs to be achieved and how to deal with the differing needs of direct reports, peers and third parties in order to deliver the great business performance by which successful managers are measured.

Starting with an understanding of self and then moving through to the key skills of managing others, our modular approach is tailored to deliver learning for managers at all levels in the areas which are critical to delivering your business goals.


  • Analysis of your managers current performance, future capability and key gaps
  • Tailored modular development to deliver specific performance improvement
  • Real world, practical development that provides simple tools for managers to use with their teams
  • Develops leaders for the future


We work with clients to create a specific programme that meets their needs. Typical content could include:

Manage More Diagnostics

  • Analysis of current management capability and the identification of opportunities to deliver enhanced business performance.

Manage Me – ‘being my best self’

  • Understanding personal preferences and their impact on others
  • Planning prioritising to achieve improved personal performance
  • Achieving more through influential personal impact
  • Adding value through great decision making

Manage Others – ’getting the best from others’

  • Communication skills for engagement
  • Value add performance management
  • Learning to let go – the art of getting things done through others
  • Harnessing differences to create powerful teams

Manage to Lead – ‘preparing managers to be leaders’

  • Learning to lead
  • Developing leadership talent in your self and others
  • Leading change