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Imposter Syndrome

By Lee Morris, Director at andpartnership

My experience as a learning and development professional

I have worked in learning and development both as an internal facilitator and then an external consultant for over 10 years so being asked to deliver a keynote talk at a client’s conference will be easy, right?

Yes, I felt excited about. I knew the topic. I had lived experience. I had delivered similar talks previously but …

That doesn’t mean that the self-doubt wont kick in. I’ve always had lack of confidence in my own ability. I’ve experienced imposter syndrome in pretty much every role that I’ve had.

It didn’t help when the client informed me that there might be up to 150 people in the audience (in a lecture theatre at the University of Sheffield) and more viewing it via a live YouTube link!

Lots of thoughts were going through my mind:

· Will they like what I’ve got to say?

· Will I choke?

· Will they find me interesting?

· Am I good enough?

· What if they hate it/me?

This is perfectly natural. Over 70% of people will experience imposter syndrome in the workplace.

Anyway, how did I get over the self-doubt and make sure that I was at my best? A few tips that work for me:

  • Reflect back on previous positive feedback.

  • Challenge your negative beliefs – what evidence do you have for having those thoughts?

  • Prepare well and practice.

  • Speak to positive people.

  • Tell yourself that there is a reason why you have been asked to do the task.

So, I did it! I delivered the talk. I had fantastic engagement. There was a brilliant Q&A at the end. People came to me after to let me know how much the topic had resonated.

So what was my talk on?


Lee Morris

Director and Facilitator

Lee is an expert at delivering workshops, lunch & learn sessions and keynote talks on various topics including workplace wellbeing, mental health, personal development, confidence building and, of course, imposter syndrome.

Drop him an email to find out more –

Or call us on: 01623 883 910

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