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Yusen - Leadership Development

An innovative, blended development programme to empower middle managers to create a powerful vision for leadership.


Staff shortages and turnover have been a challenge in this sector for years. Attracting and retaining good people has become even harder since the driver crisis and supply chain challenges.


The bespoke programme was built in collaboration between andpartnership and Yusen Logistics. It was crucial Line Managers understood the content and their own role in stretching and developing team members so briefings were held at the start, mid-way and end of the programme. The programme started with an online launch for participants and Line Managers.

It was then jointly delivered as three core FED modules, supplemented by mentoring, change leadership and presentation skills workshops, delivered by the internal Yusen team.

Programme design took into account the feedback received from Senior Leaders as well as the key behavioural changes expected when someone moves from Middle Manager to Senior Leader. Usefully the Yusen Behaviours are described at Employee, Manager and Leader levels, so we were able to reference the key changes and build them into the Programme.

Each module considered leadership skills, behaviours and expectations to provide a simple, practical and consistent approach to increasing the leadership maturity across the business. Participants were being asked to focus on being leaders, rather than managers.

The programme ended with a 'Apply' workshop were the participants presented the outcomes of their learning and these were delivered to an audience of the Managing Director, Operational Directors from the business and the development teams involved.

The results

To ensure that a Return on Investment was measured, andpartnership designed a bespoke online leadership diagnostic to assess participants before and after the programme to evaluate the project and to ensure that the impact was measured.

An anonymised full version of the impact report is available on request.

  • andpartnership's became CIPD People Management Awards 2022 finalists for Best L&D initiative - private sector category.

  • By the end of the programme, 40% of the first cohort had achieved a promotion to a senior manager position.

  • In andpartnership's online leadership diagnostic post survey, 77% now consider themselves as a Leader rather than a Manager/Operator.

  • Communication with colleagues increased to 76% in 2021, an increase of13% from previous survey in 2018

Regional Head of Talent and Development, Yusen Logistics

“It has been a privilege to take a selection of our middle managers on a learning journey. Many have been with the business for a number of years and had a mindset of ‘I know what I’m doing, there isn’t anything I still need to learn.’

Being able to clearly describe the different requirements of a Senior Leader role, and then see them make the transition, some now already with a promotion in place, has been a rewarding experience for all concerned.”

If you’d like to find out more about the programmes we offer, contact us here.


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