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Thursday 23rd May 2024 
10am - 4pm
Delivered Virtually on Zoom 



​Supervisory, management or leadership roles regardless of level

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£149 + VAT*

andpartnership are excited to launch our practical, experiential sessions in
‘Psychological Safety for Leaders.’

Psychological Safety is a 'must have' if you want a thriving organisational culture where:

  • Engagement levels are high

  • Talent is retained

  • Attrition is reduced

  • People are learning, developing and innovating

At the end of the workshop you will know the importance of psychological safety, how to measure it and how to practically embed it into teams and organisational culture. 

Over the workshop you will experience:

  • Introduction to Psychological Safety – what it is, why it matters, what the research says, case studies and how it links with having a thriving culture and high performing and healthy teams

  • Psychological Safety in your team – how to measure it, unearthing hidden fears in a team, having a coaching style ‘fear’ conversation, practical ways of embedding psychological safety on a team

  • Leadership Behaviours – exploring the 5 fundamentals of what needs to be modelled by leaders to create the organisational environment for Psychological Safety.

*The cost of £149 + VAT will be invoiced to you, cancellations are charged in full after payment has been made unless transferred onto the next available course date (at management discretion)

The zoom link will be sent directly to you upon confirming your place.

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