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Do you know how to develop yourself?

What does owning your own development mean?

At andpartnership: Leadership Consultants & Change Experts we work with individuals, teams and organisations in enabling them to have ownership of personal development and #accountabilty.

By taking control of your development you are building a positive proactive that people around you notice. This puts you in a position to achieve your goals whether they are a higher salary, less hours, more flexibility, or a promotion.

But before you do anything its vital your understand what personal development is and why it is important to you.

There are are the five areas of personal growth

  • Spiritual growth: connecting with yourself on a holistic level, developing as a person and finding inner peace

  • Emotional growth: Focuses the development of your mind, such as the way you think, learn and your mindset

  • Social growth: improving your communication skills, how you engage with others around you

  • Physical growth: involves taking care of your body and using it in productive ways. Your physical condition affects all other areas of personal growth and development, as a healthy body facilitates effective brain functioning.

  • Mental growth: focusing on the development of your mind, such as the way you think and learn.

It's about considering where growth will benefit you in your life the most. When it comes to personal development, its about being fully in tune with what are your areas that need develop 'what you need' But also what you want, these are aspirations, dreams and pursuing your personal passions.

First step is identifying your areas of focus and then exploring options.

At this point many individuals benefit from identifying a #Coach or #Mentor to support them in unlocking possibilities and enabling individuals to bring their learning to life.

Why is it important to own your own development?

By carrying out your own learning and development, you'll not only be improving your morale, confidence, and knowledge, you could also be improving your career prospects – whether it's to gain a promotion, new job, or a career change.

How can you take charge of my own development?

4 simple things that you can do

  1. Identify areas to Develop

  2. Develop a plan with development options/goals

  3. Talk your plan and live it

  4. Schedule time and hold yourself accountable

If you can not articulate and talk about your personal development plan, its not 'alive' as its just a paper exercise. You have to live your plan in everything that you do.

Things to Remember About Self-Development

  • Be clear on what you want to improve

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals

  • Be curious and seek to understand

  • Be resilient in creating good habits

  • Measure your progress against your self-development goals.

  • Talk your plan, don't let it be a paper exercise.

Developing yourself

Like any skill it requires time, effort, and #selfawareness to build your toolkit. But it enhances your ability to increase performance and have transformational effects.

At andpartnership we offer a wide range of learning options and can co create learning to suit individuals, teams or organisations needs. We can build your people management skills toolkit in order for you to reach your full potential. Together we aim to support the development the line managers in your organisation.

We can offer both one to one Coaching / Mentoring and group sessions.

Design and facilitate different learning options to support personal development.

Consult with you on your approach with Personal Development plan's, Talent matrix and Performance.

For information on all our products and upcoming events - please visit our website or join our mailing list or get in touch with us on +44 (0)1623 883910 to arrange a virtual call with one of our team.

Thank you


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