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National Trust - Leadership Development

Future Engage Deliver Programme


A new strategy was implemented at National trust which was covered all aspects of conservation, visitor experience and commercial operations of the business. They knew that to deliver the strategy exceptional leadership would be required. andpartnership were selected to design and deliver a programme which would:

  • Ensure successful change

  • Improve staff survey scores

  • Instil strong leadership principles across a broad scale of disciplines and specialist backgrounds (from conservationists to historians).


Over 500 participants went through the programme, across all levels of the business. On completion of the programme they were expected to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the future they are looking to create

  • Be highly engaged in what they are leading for.

  • Understand their impact as leaders and how to get the best from each other.

  • Understand the importance of building relationships

  • Have a clear focus on developing their people, setting them up for success and holding them to account.

  • Delivered a strong performance against the organisational plan, achieving KPIs.

Our Approach

We approached this in a way that enabled individuals to stay true to themselves as well as developing their own leadership styles. We formed a close collaborate bond with the Trust to develop a comprehensive leadership development programme which focussed on accelerating both team and individual performance whilst creating a common language throughout the organisation. Key focus on:

  • Energising leaders to deliver the strategy.

  • Simple but powerful approach.

  • Accessible and digestible to leaders at different levels.

  • Focussed on becoming the best leader you can be.

  • Complemented and enhanced our organisational values.

  • Common language.


National trust shared evidence of success across the organisation:

  • Evidence of managers and leaders working across team boundaries.

  • Property managers now engage their people v’s communicating at them.

  • Strong working networks established across regions.

  • Evidence of heads of departments stepping up and freeing up the GM.

  • Leaders are more aware of their impact and creating a positive team climate.

Survey results prior to the programme and again on completions showed:

  • 25% improvement in being conscious of being in ‘purposeful leader’ mode instead of ‘busy manager’ mode.

  • 16% increase on being clear on the future you want to create.

  • 16% increase on being aware of the impact you have as a leader.

  • 12% increase on the relationships you needed in order to be successful.


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