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Superdry - Management Development

Playing to Win Programme


Formed in 2003, Superdry has witnessed rapid growth in the UK and Europe. The fast pace of the business caused store managers to suffer from ‘burn out’, leaving them feeling disillusioned and consequently leaving the business. Store manager retention became a problem and the company recognised the need to help steady store managers and therefore steady their teams.


Superdry’s unique demographic of ‘Millennial’ leaders meant getting the right fit was of the utmost importance to ensure any training undertaken resonated with their people and ultimately delivered the right results.

andpartnership’s unique offering didn’t try to provide a one size fits all approach to leadership training. Superdry and andpartnership share the belief that all of the trainees are great leaders some of the time and aims to help individuals understand how to be like that more of the time.

Our Approach

To engage their people in the whole learning experience, the fully-branded Superdry Academy Playing to Win leadership programme was born. This bespoke programme was Superdry’s first ever national Store Manager Development Programme. Co-created by andpartnership and Superdry, the programmed focussed on training leaders to understand the future of the business, engage their people and teams and work together to deliver that future.

The Playing to Win programme consisted of five modules and was delivered across the UK and Ireland over a 12 month period, with time allowed between each module for conscious practice.


To evaluate the impact of the leadership programme, a Store Manager Engagement Survey was undertaken before the launch event and at the end of the programme to appraise the true results.

  • Manager’s understanding of their own style and the impact it has increased by 22%

  • An increase of 29% manager’s confidence to influence and build relationships to achieve what is expected of them

  • 18% more managers now understand the link between their own development and an improved store operation

  • Managers feel 25% more confident to engage teams in the long term vision of Superdry and the store

  • 28% more managers feel better equipped as a leader

  • An additional 28% of managers feel more confident in operating their store to achieve excellence

  • TJ Awards Silver Award Winner


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